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While it is tempting to compare yourself to others in the gym, we are all on our own individual fitness journey, so there’s no room for judgment or to feel bad about your current level of fitness.

Maybe you got a little out of shape and want to enhance your athleticism by getting back into a solid workout and dietary routine.

Though fitness can feel like a long and drawn out journey, motivation and dedication will get you to your goals.

Let me introduce you to something that helps many athletes stay motivated and pain-free before, during, and after their workouts: cannabidiol.

As of this last year, president Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill which federally legalized industrial hemp, a cannabis plant. This means that cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is also legal!

Now you may already have an opinion about cannabis given the fact that it is typically associated with drug usage, but don’t worry, CBD can’t get you high. This is because the hemp plant contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound abundantly found in marijuana, another species of cannabis.

What if you take a lot of CBD?

Don’t worry, if you are getting CBD from industrial hemp, the medical community has proven that even taken in large doses, there is not enough THC in there to induce mind-altering effects.

How does CBD Work in the Body?

Humans and animals are naturally wired with an endocannabinoid system. This wonderful structure that we have in place is used to fine-tune our physiological functions and promote a state of homeostasis. It is composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors that are located all around our brain and body.

When CBD is ingested, inhaled, or topically applied, it indirectly interacts with these receptors to produce outstanding medicinal effects. Research and clinical trials have shown that insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression may be successfully treated with the use of CBD.

Specifically related to muscular endurance, CBD supports balance in the cells, which improves your performance before, during, and after a workout as it can fight inflammation and chronic pain while improving focus and stamina.

CBD is going to work wonders for you as this natural remedy will make you feel your best so that you are encouraged to keep breaking a sweat! If you are getting back on the saddle to get in better shape, here is your personalized CBD regimen!

Use CBD During your Workout

1.Drink Gridiron’s CBD Alkaline Nutrition Probiotic Blackwater or Concentrate

Not only are you getting 25 mg of CBD in every bottle to power you through your workout, but you are also getting a daily dose of MVPs- minerals, vitamins, and probiotics. This formula will give you a boost of energy, so you are ready to take on your workout!

Don’t let the color of the water throw you off, the unique black water is obtained from organic humic and fulvic minerals that naturally change the color of the H20 without affecting the taste! This unique formula is packed with essential nutrients to help your muscles operate at full capacity while you break a sweat! Grab a case of the bottled water or enjoy the concentrate drops to add into any workout drink!

After Your Workout

1.Use Gridiron’s Fast Acting Salve

Apply our CBD salve to any areas of discomfort. Many athletes will apply the salve to their feet and joints before they put on their tennis shoes. Each jar of this fast-acting salve contains 50 mg of CBD! It is perfect for the long-distance runner that deals with muscle soreness and joint pain but wants to improve their athletic performance without thinking about discomfort!

2.  Use Gridiron’s CBD Melatonin Gummies

In the evening, it’s time to wind down so that your muscles can repair and recover properly.

We recommend using Gridiron’s Night CBD gummies with melatonin.

Hold on one second, I know what you’re thinking! You just read that taking CBD instead of pre-workout will give you a natural boost of energy, so how can it also help you fall asleep?

Let’s break it down.

When small doses of CBD are taken during the day, it improves wakefulness and gives you energy; however, when the cannabinoid is taken in larger amounts this stimulates the production of melatonin and tryptophan, thus helping you get to sleep while promoting muscle recovery.

Not only will the gummies give you the right dose of CBD before bed, but the added amount of melatonin will ensure that you get some peaceful shut eye so that you are ready to hit the gym again the next day!